We use leveraging technology, domain knowledge & our robust work planning methodology to ensure an effective global delivery model for engineering services projects. The services and support we provide are tailored to the needs of a particular customer and project, and are driven by in-depth knowledge of project management, administration cost control, quality assurance and co-ordination skills.

Our engineering talent pool working on client's projects has a good combination of engineers across multiple disciplines with significant experience in various Onshore and Offshore pipeline projects and project management methodologies.

Our engineering and development consultancy team carry out assignments primarily in the following sectors:

1.Project Planning.

  • Cost Estimation and preparation of Feasibility Report for Approval.
  • Design and Detailed Engineering with Bill of Quantities.
  • Project Schedule & Bar Charts.

2.Project Execution

  • Mobilization of our Team and Equipments.
  • Casting & Curing of Concrete Anchor Block.
  • Welding & Installation of HDPE Pipe strings.

3.Onshore/Offshore Pipeline & Services.

  • Laying HDPE underwater/over ground pipelines of all sizes for multiple applications.
  • Maintenance of Pipeline


Turnkey Solutions
  1. Civil

  2. Mechanical

  3. Electrical